The Beauty and Tragedy of Darfur

Katie Ventura with her paintings of children in the exhibit "The Beauty and Tragedy of Darfur"

Nearly every student says they painted or sculpted for El-Fadel.

El-Fadel Arbab,  the 27-year old man from Darfur, had sat on a tall stool with them around their art table at Falmouth High School in Falmouth Maine, and told stories. He looked up as he told, above their heads.  He didn’t make eye contact. He seemed to be back in his village and to relive the scenes he was telling.  He told them that mothers sometimes had to leave their children to burn in a hut that the Janjaweed militia set on fire.  El Fadel said he was left to burn, but he escaped, hiding behind a screen of smoke.  He ran.  He hid in a tree in the day time and ran in the night.

These students created works of art in response to El-Fadel’s stories.  Their work is combined in an exhibit called “The Beauty and Tragedy of Darfur.” Continue reading