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The people still wait for that day Emmanuel Jal of South Sudan and Canada sings about. That day of unity for the people of South Sudan.  The world still craves that today, the country’s 4th anniversary. “[South] Sudan’s future shall be promising./Children will go to school./ I hope […]

“The Past”

I first read Ha Jin’s poem, “The Past” as part of the PBS series, Lost Childhoods about children who have survived war.  I’ve referred to the poem in my own mind to myself and to readers of The Good  Braider about the idea of not only surviving, but […]

Pushing the Elephant

“Pushing the Elephant” is a documentary about Rose Mapendo from the Democratic Republic of Congo and her 17-year old daughter Nangabir. Watch the trailer here.    The creator says, “This intimate family portrait unfolding against the wider drama of war tackles the long-term and often hidden effects of conflict […]