Resources on Immigration and Refugees

Myths Busted: the Truth about Refugees

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services created this poster to visually tell facts about refugee resettlement.  Who is coming to the U.S.?  How many people are coming? What countries are hosting them? Check this out.





The Fur Cultural Revival: A Darfur Community Center of Maine  (Portland, ME)
To broaden the public’s awareness of the Darfur genocide; To serve the needs of the Darfur community residing in the Portland, Maine area, and To preserve and honor the Fur tribal culture

Outreach Africa: Lost Boys Foundation
The purpose is to bring aid to the Sudanese Lost Boys and Girls living in the United States as well as helping family members still in Africa.

Southern Sudan Community Association (Omaha, NE)
Their mission includes the desire to educate, assist and empower refugees to become self-suffcient so they may engage and adapt to life in the United States

The Sudanese Community Association of Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)
Helping Sudanese refugees adapt both socially and economically in Arizona.

The Episcopal Refugee Network (San Diego,CA)
Supports families through their adjustment years in the United States by providing assistance with documentation, translation, employment and tutoring.

Sudanese Refugee Education Fund (Louisville, KY)
A volunteer based group based in Kentucky, focused on rising money and helping fund scholarships for Sudanese refuges to attend school and earn their post-secondary degrees.

Lutheran Family Services of Colorado (Denver, CO)
Helping families through issues, including helping resettle a large number of refugees in the area each year. They offer services such as housing, employment and community building.

Touch of Love (Colorado Springs, CO)
A donation based program that invites people to donate money in order to support Sudanese children living in refugee camps in Egypt. The funds are then used to ensure that each child receives food, clothing and education.

South Sudanese Friends International (Lafayette, IN)
A religious based organization that works to help aid those living in southern Sudan that will allow them to live peaceful, self-reliant lives.

Southern Sudanese Community Center (San Diego, CA)
A non-profit organization that works to help Sudanese refuges in their resettlement through education, social, and economic support.

Association of Africans Living in Vermont (Burlington, VT)
A group focused on helping refuges in Vermont in many different areas including providing integration education.

Hope Ofiriha
A volunteer organization that spans from Europe, Australia, Europe, North America and Africa to help support and provide for the woman and children of South Sudan, and occasionally Sudanese refugees located in Uganda.

Caring People Sudan (Omaha, NE)
A non-profit founded by Malakal Goak, a native of Sudan, to help Sudanese refuges in Omaha.

African Community Center of Denver (Denver, CO)
A community center focused on helping the new arrivals to the area through educational programs and promotes awareness of refugee issues.

Colorado Friends of the Lost Boys of Sudan (Louisville, CO)
A program formed to lend support to the group known as the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan in Colorado by helping them receive educational and employment opportunities as well as general welfare.

Community of Sudanese and American Men and Women (Denver, CO)
A group of people focused on helping Sudanese men and women settled in the United States gain a sense of belonging through heath, friendship, education and empowerment.

Catholic Relief Services (Baltimore, Maryland)
A religious organization that has a program specifically centered on raising money and helping Sudanese refuges located in Egypt by providing vouchers that can be used to support a child’s education.

Children’s Relief International (Rockwall, TX)
A missionary group providing aid to children in over 11 countries including the Sudan.

Catholic Charities of Omaha (Omaha, NE)
A catholic charity group that offers a number of programs including aiding people through the immigration process and helping them adapt to new life in the United States.

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