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The people still wait for that day Emmanuel Jal of South Sudan and Canada sings about. That day of unity for the people of South Sudan.  The world still craves that today, the country’s 4th anniversary. “[South] Sudan’s future shall be promising./Children will go to school./ I hope […]

Everyone got to their feet you bet

  Today, English language learners  at the Manchester Adult Learning Center in New Hampshire celebrated their year of study with a culture fair.   I want to begin with a young father, a member of South Sudan’s Dinka  tribe, who performed a traditional dance of the Dinkas at […]

Ryan Spencer Reed in Kakuma and the World

Documentary photographer Ryan Spencer Reed shot 56,000 photos in Sudan, South Sudan and Chad.   An exhibition of his work, Sudan: the Cost of Silence,  has been touring communities and universities across the country.  I contacted him as I was creating a presentation, “Children of War”, to ask […]