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What Anahid and Sonia Did

I am terribly excited for this book that reviewers are beginning to respond to with admiration for the young protagonist.  (“This is a story of courage, not just Viola’s but all immigrants.”  from Finding Wonderland)

More than one reviewer has said  that they never review a book before it is published, but the cover of THE GOOD BRAIDER was so compelling they had to pick it up.  This is interesting to hear.  There is a story behind  the jacket.  My editor and the art director put a great deal of time and creativity into conceiving the  design for a jacket that could represent Viola’s story.

Reviewer Tanita Davis at Finding Wonderland put into words some of the goals the designers hoped for as they worked:  “The cover of this novel goes beautifully with the tale. A limitless blue sky, a knot of braids at the base of a long, graceful neck – the image epitomizes beauty and promise.”

How lucky is this book to have had Anahid Hamparian and Sonia Chaghatzbanian  for its designers!

I’m presenting with Kirsten Cappy and Anne Sibley O’Brien at the International Reading Association Conference in Chicago next week. I’ll show some of the images we looked at and  conversations we had around the jacket.

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