Kakuma Refugee Camp

Journey to Kakuma

I have just returned from a journey from Nairobi to Kakuma village in the northern Turkana district of Kenya. Beside the village in this semi arid region is the Kakuma refugee camp currently the home of nearly 100,000 refugees from South Sudan and Somalia as well as other African countries. Here are photos of the journey.  In the next post are the entries I made along the way on Face Book as I traveled north, then returned to Nairobi. Some of the best lines are responses from people who followed me. I welcome you to go to my Face Book page for the full story. In Kakuma I volunteered at the Kakuma  Primary Boarding School where students and teachers had met a volunteer named Catherine when she visited in 2011.  A student asked me if I was Catherine’s sister, a term that came to hold – thanks to my friend Vicky Arico – not just me but all who traveled with me and responded to the journey as I posted along the way.  Thank you everyone, Catherine’s sisters and brothers.  Please meet some of the people of Kenya, Somalia, and South Sudan that I met.

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  1. Hi Terry! My name is Alix and I work with Elizabeth at Strawbery Banke — she told me about your trip and your blog — what a journey! I love your photos.
    An acquaintance of mine has another blog I thought you might enjoy: http://everydayafrica.tumblr.com/ — the photos of the contributors are also being featured on the New Yorker online this week, and there are photographers across the country.
    Hope you’re enjoying being back at home!

    • Hi Alix. Thanks for sending the link to everydayafrica. I’ll also go to the New Yorker on line. I am very happy be home. Elizabeth picked me up at the airport and she got the outpouring of stories. Thanks for writing. Terry

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