High school students

Lowell Dedicates a Healing Garden, Prepares for Newcomers from Congo

The story of THE GOOD BRAIDER has been welcomed in Lowell, Massachusetts, a city that has many refugees and will soon bring 500 newcomers from Congo.  Through a  University of Massachusetts Lowell grant, the book has been made available to many who are preparing for the Congolese along with newcomers from other countries.  Through the work of Dr. Pat Fontaine at UML, the city is working closely with the Cambodian community here who came in the 1980s.  A week before people from Congo begin to take the first steps here,  the city has dedicated a Healing Garden. “It’s a touchstone for healing,” the monk says in Khmer.  “A lot of healing still has to go on.”  Vanny Hang created the sculpture in the garden.  Lowell High School students with their teacher created tiles for the benches based on Buddhist symbols.  The artists said the tiles represent the “corps immeasurables.”  Loving, kindness, compassion, equanimity. Wishing this for the  people from Congo.



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