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taking the story to Bangor

I was invited to Bangor High School to do my sound slide show and reading called “Children of War.” I found myself in a fascinating city way up north on the Penobscot River,  the former “lumber capital of the world.”  The three log-drivers in the statue called “The […]

Emmanuel Jal, We Want Peace

Emmanuel Jal’s story is extraordinary.  He is a Sudanese musician now living in Canada. He was saved from his life as a child soldier by Emma McCune who was a British aid worker, married to Riek Machar, gurrerilla commander from the  South Sudanese Nuer tribe during the war […]

What’s Happening in the Sudans?

As I talk with readers about The Good Braider, we inevitably come to talk about South Sudanese family’s desire to return to South Sudan now that it’s an independent nation. And then we talk about latest news of  Sudan’s “relentless aerial attacks”  in the unmarked border regions between Sudan […]