South Sudan

What’s Happening in the Sudans?

“A displaced young girl from Abyei collects water near a school where she is sheltering in Agok, South Sudan” 7 June 2008 Reuters (Sudan Tribune)

As I talk with readers about The Good Braider, we inevitably come to talk about South Sudanese family’s desire to return to South Sudan now that it’s an independent nation. And then we talk about latest news of  Sudan’s “relentless aerial attacks”  in the unmarked border regions between Sudan and South Sudan.   In this  coverage on the current Sudan-South Sudan conflict from  the Sudan Tribune  you’ll see stories, analysis, and  video clips about what is happening today in the Sudans. You’ll see an Al Jezerra English “Inside Story” series that highlights the chief  sources of conflict between the nations. You’ll also see analysis including one by  Eric Reeves of Smith College  in “Current Negotiations Between Sudan and S. Sudan: a view from Khartoum.

The conflict hinges on the fact that “80% of untapped oil deposits are in South Sudan” (Al Jezeera) but that South Sudan must export oil through ports in Sudan.  No plan to equitably partner to achieve this has been agreed on.  Oil exports are shut down.  Eric Reeves argues that the goal of the Khartoum government is to oversea economic collapse of the fledging South Sudan.

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