South Sudan in the News

Emmanuel Jal, We Want Peace

Emmanuel Jal’s story is extraordinary.  He is a Sudanese musician now living in Canada. He was saved from his life as a child soldier by Emma McCune who was a British aid worker, married to Riek Machar, gurrerilla commander from the  South Sudanese Nuer tribe during the war between Sudan and what is now the independent South Sudan.

As  the  “We Want Peace”  video portrays, Jal is now an activist for peace for South Sudan and other African nations.  But a tragic event has occurred around his work.  According to many Sudanese bloggers and Sudan Radio Service, when Jal traveled to Juba, South Sudan for the September 21, 2012  International Peace Day celebration, he was attacked by Juba police and severely beaten.  He is fighting back and  continues to speak out for the struggle for peace.

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