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Radio Miraya

Here’s a link to a South Sudanese radio station, Radio Miraya. Radio Miraya is operated by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan with the Foundation Hirondelle.  South Sudanese reporters are covering the development of current news in the country and offer a feature called “Miraya Connects,”  a […]


Doctors Without Borders/Medecin sans Frontiers has put out an alert  – a humanitarian crisis  is happening now in  border regions between Sudan and South Sudan.  To follow what’s going on and hear voices of people in the field,   you’ll find links on MSF’s News on South Sudan […]

What’s Happening in the Sudans?

As I talk with readers about The Good Braider, we inevitably come to talk about South Sudanese family’s desire to return to South Sudan now that it’s an independent nation. And then we talk about latest news of  Sudan’s “relentless aerial attacks”  in the unmarked border regions between Sudan […]

“Dreaming Again” in New Hampshire

My novel, The Good Braider,  is based on dozens  of oral histories as well as much research about  Sudan.  I want to tell you about a play whose script  is created around oral histories  of immigrants. “Dreaming Again,” commissioned by the NH Humanities Council and written by Genevieve Aichele, […]