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Ryan Spencer Reed in Kakuma and the World

Documentary photographer Ryan Spencer Reed shot 56,000 photos in Sudan, South Sudan and Chad.   An exhibition of his work, Sudan: the Cost of Silence,  has been touring communities and universities across the country.  I contacted him as I was creating a presentation, “Children of War”, to ask […]

Journey to Kakuma

I have just returned from a journey from Nairobi to Kakuma village in the northern Turkana district of Kenya. Beside the village in this semi arid region is the Kakuma refugee camp currently the home of nearly 100,000 refugees from South Sudan and Somalia as well as other […]

Kakuma Journal

January 4, 2013 Hello from Nairobi. I’m doing an experiment. Very hard. I finished the books I brought. A book I bought on Kindle didn’t show up on my ipad and who knows how long I can keep a charge. For a few days I am staying at […]