Kakuma Refugee Camp

Sudanese People Oral History Project

The Sudanese People in the Sutherland Shire  – a Moving Community Oral History Project. A community in Australia has organized an oral history project with Southern Sudanese people who have resettled there from Sudan and members of the

Bjorn Heidenstrom took this photo which includes images from Kakuma in northern Kenya and other refugee camps. He was on a 35-country bicycle trek. Click to enlarge.

community who assist them in resettlement. Many voices and generations are represented.  One young girl tells about living in Kakuma refugee camp after fleeing from Sudan with her mother. She describes the games children play, how to make a ball of socks and plastic wrap,  and her surprise when she got to Australia and saw that girls could play soccer.  In Kenya it is a boys’ game.  Thank you to  the Sydney Institute Wikispaces and Sutherland College for making these oral histories available for more people to hear the stories. And to Bjorn Heidenstrom who created this photo used under a Creative Commons license

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