High school students

I’M YOUR NEIGHBOR book club celebrating Maine’s new-arrival communities launches at the Portland Public Library

Portland, Maine celebrates nine books set in Maine’s “new arrival” communities with a 2013 city-wide read. Writers include South Sudanese memoirist, Aruna Kenyi in The Telling’s Room’s anthology I REMEMBER WARM RAIN.  High school students who are named by the NAACP as Martin Luther King Jr. Fellows introduced each of the nine books.  A high school student at Deering High introduced The Good Braider, saying he too had been a refugee like Viola. He moved from describing Viola’s journey to his own journey as a young boy leaving Iraq and living in a refugee camp in Turkey before coming to Maine.  I suspect Salim, like Aruna,  will write his won story and the story of his Iraq. Salim’s introduction was an essay, linking his life with his response to a book.  We were all so moved at the event so beautifully organized by Kirsten Cappy with Annie Sibley O’Brien, my heros.  Kehramans.  My new word, taught to me by Salim and Mohammed. It means hero in Turkish.

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