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Ryan Spencer Reed in Kakuma and the World

Documentary photographer Ryan Spencer Reed shot 56,000 photos in Sudan, South Sudan and Chad.   An exhibition of his work, Sudan: the Cost of Silence,  has been touring communities and universities across the country.  I contacted him as I was creating a presentation, “Children of War”, to ask […]

In Audio

Recorded Books will release The Good Braider read by Cherise Boothe in winter 2014. I know this audio version can be a boon for English language learners, enabling readers to read and listen simultaneously.

my story, too

David Vilandre invited me to one of the finest community colleges in Massachusetts, Mount Wachusett in central Massachusetts.  Students in his children’s literature class read The Good Braider and we had one of the most interesting discussions about the book that I have had.  We talked about the […]

taking the story to Bangor

I was invited to Bangor High School to do my sound slide show and reading called “Children of War.” I found myself in a fascinating city way up north on the Penobscot River,  the former “lumber capital of the world.”  The three log-drivers in the statue called “The […]

Seventeen Years

45 million people became displaced from their homes in 2012, Sasha Chanoff, director of Refuge Point, said on the radio show, “Here and Now.”  “More than half of the refugees worldwide came from five countries, according to the UN: Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Sudan and Syria.”  A striking comment […]