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Terry Farish


Radio Miraya

Here’s a link to a South Sudanese radio station, Radio Miraya. Radio Miraya is operated by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan with the Foundation Hirondelle.  South Sudanese reporters are covering the development of current news in the country and offer a feature called “Miraya Connects,”  a […]

Emmanuel Jal, We Want Peace

Emmanuel Jal’s story is extraordinary.  He is a Sudanese musician now living in Canada. He was saved from his life as a child soldier by Emma McCune who was a British aid worker, married to Riek Machar, gurrerilla commander from the  South Sudanese Nuer tribe during the war […]

Sudanese People Oral History Project

The Sudanese People in the Sutherland Shire  – a Moving Community Oral History Project. A community in Australia has organized an oral history project with Southern Sudanese people who have resettled there from Sudan and members of the community who assist them in resettlement. Many voices and generations are […]


Doctors Without Borders/Medecin sans Frontiers has put out an alert  – a humanitarian crisis  is happening now in  border regions between Sudan and South Sudan.  To follow what’s going on and hear voices of people in the field,   you’ll find links on MSF’s News on South Sudan […]

Alek Wek’s Journey Home

You can follow the story of Alek Wek’s Journey Home.  Her facebook page  desribes her mission:  “Alek Wek, Sudanese Supermodel, will partner with UNHCR on her first journey home since South Sudan’s independence. Alek will support UNHCR to expand and launch life changing projects in EDUCATION, AGRICULTURE AND […]

Geoquiz Africa

Try the Lizard Point geoquiz! Can you name these African countries?  You get  three chances.  You can also  move on to the rest of the world on Lizard Point maps. p.s. Click “Help” to get the answer.