The Good Braider in the Work Place

I spoke today to a group of staff members at the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. I was invited by the Diversity Committee that seeks to introduce its staff to some background on the cultures of the people they serve.    We listened to the Tcha Tcho music […]

Everyone got to their feet you bet

  Today, English language learners  at the Manchester Adult Learning Center in New Hampshire celebrated their year of study with a culture fair.   I want to begin with a young father, a member of South Sudan’s Dinka  tribe, who performed a traditional dance of the Dinkas at […]

“The Past”

I first read Ha Jin’s poem, “The Past” as part of the PBS series, Lost Childhoods about children who have survived war.  I’ve referred to the poem in my own mind to myself and to readers of The Good  Braider about the idea of not only surviving, but […]