Three Days

Now that I have some books among my Deet and malaria pills as I head to Kenya, the journey is richer.  When I read the premise of Graham Greene’s Journey Without Maps, I wanted that with me.  To that I’m adding Oil on Water set in Nigeria by Helon […]

Six Days Before I Go

It’s immersion time, six days before I leave for Kakuma. Immersion into what I can find Kenyan in New Hampshire. I found “The First Grader,” the story of a old village man who  wants to go to school for the first time in his life.  I am watching […]

Eleven Days Before I Go

Paul Winter, of the organization Scottie’s Place, posted this photo on a blog post.   It is dated December 13, 2013. You can read the post, Life in Kakuma Refugee Camp.  Scottie’s Place is an American-based nonprofit organization working to support the education of girls and young women […]

Radio Miraya

Here’s a link to a South Sudanese radio station, Radio Miraya. Radio Miraya is operated by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan with the Foundation Hirondelle.  South Sudanese reporters are covering the development of current news in the country and offer a feature called “Miraya Connects,”  a […]